La comedia de las Lalis

Tuesday, August 24th, 7pm.

Wednesday, August 25th, 7:30pm

Teatre Municipal.


La comedia de las Lalis [The comedy of the Lalis] is a hilarious version of The Brothers Menaechmus. Set in the Barcelona of the eighties, it remains faithful to the dramatic structure of the Latin original but with extravagant characters from the underground laietà (the “movers” of the Catalan capital), who live with other, no less curious, representatives of the bourgeoisie, and a band of adventurers who have just arrived in the Catalan capital from Mérida. A series of misunderstandings related to the resemblance of the protagonists, who are twins, make for an absurd comedy that have the audience in stitches, in this show peppered with musical numbers and playful choreography.

This extraordinary co-production from FITAG, performed by a sensational company of actresses and actors from around the country and directed by Jesús Manchón (the author of this version), will be touring Extremadura and Catalonia this summer, with promises of making us giggle until we shake and find a little normalcy through laughter.

Director’s text

“Come to Casar de Cáceres, to the FATEX encounter, to take part in a Greco-Latin theatre workshop. Then stay for lunch. I will introduce you to Martí Peraferrer, director of the Festival Internacional de Teatre Amateur de Girona, and we will tell you all about it.” This is, more or less, what Pepe Martínez said. It ended in 2019, and the “We will tell you” was one of the most satisfying assignments in my stage life: to write and direct a version of Plautus’ The Brothers Menaechmus, a co-production between Escenamateur and FITAG, starring actresses, to premiere in the summer of 2020. A global pandemic later, with the advantage of already knowing the theatrical and human merits of the cast, I approached the production being as faithful as possible to the original, despite the difficulties. Barcelona, 1980s, punk, beer and horse riding. An enriching process of rehearsals at Casas de Reina and Navalmoral has closed the circle of this gift that I received and that now, viewer, I want to share with you. Long live the theatre!


Jesús Manchón