Friday, August 27th
Teatre Municipal de Girona, 7.30 pm.


Musarañas [shrews] are the memories, situations and anecdotes that make up our lives, which live in our memory from childhood to adulthood. Memories become entangled and mingle with one another, blurring the boundaries between the real and the imaginary.

Memories, our shrews, are burdened with moments of laughter and drama, melancholy and tenderness… of all the sensations that make up the unstable world of memory.

Brief history of the group

La Trapera was founded in Peralta (Navarra), in 1987, as a result of a theatre workshop held in the town. The group started out with the play La encantadora familia Blis [The Charming Blis Family]. Since then, La Trapera has continued to work continuously and every 25th of December it premieres a new production. More than thirty-five uninterrupted shows attest to the work of all these years. Although they are an amateur theatre company, their way of working is not far from the rigour, discipline and responsibility required by professional theatre, and this has been their cornerstone over the years.

The company has performed works by many authors, from the classics to the most contemporary, and has tackled all genres of theatre. It has also participated in many competitions and has won several awards.