La rateta

Saturday, August 28th.
Petit FITAG, FITAG de Nits stage, patio of La Casa de Cultura de Girona, 11 am


Adaptation of the well-known story “La rateta que escombrava l’escaleta” [The Rat who Swept the Staircase], performed many years ago by the company with great success in the counties of Girona and which they are very excited to present to the children at FITAG.

Brief history of the group

The Sol Solet theatre group from Campdevànol started performing in 1982. Their aim was to devote themselves to children’s theatre interpreted by adults. They have always believed that if we do not teach children to appreciate theatre, in the future there will be no audience. The company currently alternates plays for children with works for adults.

For three years in a row, they took part in the theatre-video competition organised by the Department of Justice of the Generalitat de Catalunya, presenting their works at the Saló de la Infància i la Joventut de Barcelona (Children and Youth Fair of Barcelona). For several years they were selected to participate in the Cultural Dynamisation Campaign promoted by the Ajuntament de Girona [Girona City Council], giving several performances in the various municipalities. For six weeks in a row they performed the morning sessions of children’s theatre at the Teatre Goya in Barcelona, with the play Un tresor de pirates [A pirate treasure]. They have taken part in several editions of FITAG. They are currently performing the show Un esperit a la cadira [A spirit in the chair] for adult audiences.

In terms of small-scale theatre, they have staged Lectura poética bilingüe, involving a dramatised selection of poems by great Spanish and Catalan authors aimed at adult audiences, and Un puñado de cuentos [A Handful of Stories], the play they are presenting this year at FITAG.