Saturday, August 28th.
Centre Cultural La Mercè de Girona, Escenamateur space, 7 pm.


Amniótica [Amniotic] tells the story of the last sixty minutes of astronaut Tom Major’s life, after an irreparable failure of his spacecraft. These minutes are spent in conversation with Ana Clark, the astrophysicist who, from the home base, tries to help and support him in his final moments. Neither of them is sure that the other one can hear them, in a communication that, due to technical problems, is constantly interrupted. In these sixty minutes, both recall their lives, full of hopes and disappointments, and deal with topics such as the ultimate meaning of existence, the seduction of power, human ambition and, of course, death. Throughout this dialogue, which is in fact a monologue by Tom Major, an echoless conversation with a faceless woman, we witness the development of an inevitable and intense love story, an emotional connection between two people who are millions of miles apart.

Brief history of the group

More than a company, Producciones El Dramaturgo works as a link between people in the theater sector. In this way, the projects are enriched with variety, without losing their own identity, which they try to maintain in everything they do. Although they are currently working on two plays, The Chairs and Amniótica, another two are already under creation.

The Chairs, by Ionesco, was the first play they performed. From this tragicomedy of the absurd they passed to a space tragedy, Amniótica, without abandoning their constant quest to discover more about life.  Amniótica was one of the works selected in the XII edition of the Festival Mutis de Barcelona and recommended by El Periódico de Catalunya. It is also touring around different parts of Spain.