Records del 36

Saturday, August 28th.
Teatre Municipal de Girona, 7.30 pm.


Records del 36 [Memories of 36] is the result of the deep impression made on the company after reading Ricard Creus’ book 36 versos a partir del 36 [36 verses after 36], published in 1978. In that work, the tragedy of the war unfolds before childlike eyes, lucid and universal, the dramatic experience of the day after the defeat and, also, the will of resistance experienced in the shadows by so many people. These memories, transformed into words, music and dance, guide us through one of the darkest and most tragic periods of our recent history, remembering the Republic that was usurped and never restored, and the victims of the war and Franco’s regime who today still remain, both morally and physically, in forgotten graves.  The play also champions the Catalan nation, doubly punished by Franco’s dictatorship simply for the fact of its existence and its opposition to being erased from the history books. Records del 36 is a tribute to all of us who lost the war, because many of us lost it, even if we did not live through it.

Brief history of the group

La Inestable Ceretana de Teatre was founded in 2003, by members of various theatre groups in La Cerdanya. After thirty productions, eleven of which they have produced themselves, they have accumulated a rich theatrical and human experience, based on three basic pillars: textual theatre (most importantly), monologues, and improvisational theatre. They have also participated in various activities in the city, such as the Poema de Nadal [Christmas Poem], the Epiphany parade, the performance of the Llegenda de la vella de l’estany [Legend of the Old Woman in the Pond] and Correllengua 2015.