Dones i silenci

Saturday, August 28th.
Pati de les Magnòlies, Generalitat building in Girona, 9 pm.


Dones i Silenci [Women and silence] is a play about gender violence. Short stories that portray different scenarios in which women are at the centre. The protagonists feel trapped, flee or fight against the different forms of male violence. The show encourages the audience to reflect on the issue and leaves the debate open. A play that takes place on stage as well as cinematographically, on three screens.  Projections by filmmaker Antoni Verdaguer, who is collaborating with Companyia 8, accompany the dramatic action.he stage becomes a grand cinematographic event in which cinema and theatre combine in a transversal mise-en-scène.

Brief history of the group

Companyia 8 from Terrassa was set up in 2008 with the aim of staging plays by two of its founders: José A. Aguado and Rosa Ponsarnau. The first show they put on was M’agrades a les fosques [I like you in the dark] (2009). It was followed by a total of eight premieres: Això només passa a les pel·lícules (2010), Cinc dies (2010), Naoko (2011), the musical Més bonica que una vedella a topos (2012), En un tres i no res (2013), Micropeces 8 (2013-2014) and La dona de l’encarregat (2015-2017). To celebrate the company’s tenth anniversary, they returned to the stage with M’agrades a les fosques (2017-2020). In 2019, they premiered Dones i silenci, a play which received the awards Premi de les Arts del Mediterrani and the Premi a l’Actriu Revelació at the Mostra de Teatre de Barcelona.