La sobrina de Don Quijote

Saturday, August 28th.
patio de la Casa de Cultura de Girona, 10.00 pm


Everyone has heard of the witty gentleman Don Quijote de la Mancha, but few know of his young niece Antonia Quijana! In this story, Antonia discovers who her uncle was while reading the book about Don Quijote, and together with her good friend Lorenzo, the houseboy, she takes a journey through some of the most famous chapters in one of the most important works of universal literature. The mistress of the house and Teresa Panza will try to clip their wings so that their feet stay on the ground, but Antonia and Lorenzo will prove that, by daring to dream, they can achieve just as much as the good Don Quijote.

Brief history of the group

The Noctámbula Teatro group (formerly El Liceo de Epidauro) began performing in 2014, first with micro-theatre projects but then later expanding into family theatre and participating in various cultural programmes in Alicante, such as “Alacant, cultura en Barris” and the Campanya de Teatre de la Mediterrània. The troupe also performs in creative spaces such as La Calabaza and in various schools. The members of the company have been trained through various theatre workshops and courses, as well as at the ESAD in Murcia, and have studied singing, clowning, body theatre, music and contemporary dance. They have participated in classical works such as Oedipus, A Woman of Little Sense, The Frogs and Agamemnon , as well as in contemporary productions, micro-theatre, animation and, of course, children’s theatre, on stages in theatres, hotels and outdoors.