El mateix de sempre?

Tuesday, August 24th,
patio de la Casa de Cultura de Girona, 10 pm.


The Ali Ababwa Bar is a local establishment where all the characters have their calm, content routines. Or so they believe. Emma and Chloe, the owners, are two sisters marked by a society where there is no room for error. One day, a boy that no-one knows, Guille, arrives at the bar to work as a waiter and alters the lives of all the characters. Love, pain, guilt, hope: all the emotions and memories of the past come rushing back into the present day lives of the sisters and their friends, breaking their routine. Will the characters step out of their comfort zone? Will they be honest with themselves? El mateix de sempre? [The same as always] is a cool, comic musical where you can relive hits from Disney musicals.

Brief history of the group

The Oriart company was set up in 2015 to offer comic musical plays. Made up of a young family team, its shows have always been aimed at entertaining the public, with original pieces that are innovative, risqué and true to life. Their career highlights include the musical Cabaret Passion Rouge (2018) and humorous works such as Una vida, un guanyador [A life, a winner] (2017) and Després de la mort, què? [After death, what then?]  (2019), which made an extensive tour in Catalonia and also featured at international festivals, like the Olga Alonso Festival in Cuba. Oriart has also produced the web series and comedy radio series Aniol Fageda Sanç , and currently offers theatre courses for children and young people.