La comedia de las mentiras

Wednesday, August 25th.
Centre Cultural La Mercè, Escenamateur space, 7 pm


Athens. Two siblings, Hipólita and Leónidas, are in love. She with a young man named Tíndaro, he with a young woman named Gimnasia, who, despite her name, is a flautist. But neither Tíndaro nor Gimnasia are the partners that the father of Hipólita and Leónidas, a recalcitrant miser, a wine, rag and lyre merchant, wants for his children.  He is currently away on business and has left his sister Cántara, the maiden aunt, in charge of the house.  She has been waiting for more than forty years for Filemón, the love of her youth, who went out to buy figs one day and never came back. Hipólita wants to elope with Tíndaro, but not before getting the dowry that her father refuses to pay. How will she get it? By lying.


Brief history of the group

The Teatro Kumen group has been promoting, performing and dignifying amateur theatre for more than thirty-eight years, a very considerable merit considering the panorama of social and cultural participation in today’s society. People of all ages, educational backgrounds and diverse professions have found Kumen to be a space where they can channel their interest in the world of theatre and contribute to putting it in the position it occupies today.

Undoubtedly the best endorsement of Teatro Kumen is its wide and varied theatrical repertoire, with more than sixty-five shows premiered, which it has performed locally, nationally and internationally. With an average of fifty performances a year, it has, of course, the recognition obtained through the accolades obtained in the many festivals, competitions and amateur theatre shows in which it has participated. Especially significant is the continued support it has received from the people of Langreo, who have been following the career of Teatro Kumen and thoroughly enjoying its shows. This support took the form, in 2009, of the unanimous agreement of the municipal corporation to award the group the Silver Medal of the Town Council of Langreo.