El crèdit

Wednesday, August 25th
Pati de les Magnòlies, Generalitat building in Girona, 9 pm


Antoni goes to a bank to ask for a personal loan, but when the branch manager sees that he cannot offer any kind of guarantee or collateral to pay it back, he refuses. Faced with this refusal, Antoni is unhappy and makes a very disconcerting proposal to the director. El crèdit [The credit] is, in the words of Sergi Belbel, “a great comedy about the economy, the financial crisis, despair, the fragility of human lives and, also, even if it does not seem so at first sight, about strange and unfathomable relationships.”

Brief history of the group

In 2018, the group 3 Butaques launched the project On Air with the goal of performing a musical, which in the end did not come to fruition due to legal issues. So, they then dedicated themselves to audiovisuals, up until 2020. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, they took the opportunity to reinvent themselves and devote their efforts wholeheartedly to the performing arts. As a result, they changed their image and renamed the company 3 Butaques