Theresienstadt (FITAG 2020 inaugural performance). Projecte GIRONA PREN VIDA

Tuesday 25th August
Steps at Girona Cathedral, 21 h

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One hundred Jews and their families — men, women, and children — board the train to be taken to the Theresienstadt concentration camp in the Czech Republic, and during the transfer they sing that they are a people of peace and that they will not be harmed. They are disinfected, dressed in striped uniforms and forced to clean tirelessly. Food is scarce and the work unbearable. The restlessness (or the illusion) to live makes them discover a treasure, the operetta Brundibár. The rehearsals are a distraction from the horrors they experience, and the staging is finalized with a new trip to Auschwitz.

Participating groups

Representatives of different companies from the Girona region take part: Cràdula Teatre (Cassà de la Selva) and Cor Preludi (Girona), El Finestral Teatre (Castell – Platja d’Aro), El Safareig Teatre (Salt), Grup de Teatre Cassanenc (Cassà de la Selva), Grup de Teatre Can Sagrera (Vilobí d’Onyar), La Faràndula (Llagostera), La Totxana (Vilafant), Primera Fila (Girona), Sol Solet (Campdevànol), Teatral Muekka (Lloret de Mar), Tequatre (Figueres) and Tocat’S (Llagostera).

Directed by: Cràdula Teatre and Cor Preludi.

In collaboration with: Girona Casa de Cultura, Sant Gregori Local Council, BTM and Chapter of the Cathedral of Girona.