Tinto corazón

Thursday, August 29
Girona Municipal Theater, 19:30 h



Tinto corazón tells the love story between an ex-dancer and singer and a circus clown and fisherman. Estubigia and Salustio are the main characters and they go between the corners of a makeshift bar and the memories of a poor circus about to go bankrupt. A simple and musical journey that gives life to various characters that split their lives among the enjoyment of sharing a glass of red wine and the absurd treasure of poverty.


Brief history of the group

Situación País is a theater company with actors and actresses trained in the Theater Course at Playa Ancha University, in Valparaíso (Chile). They entered the artistic scene with the creation and production of the first Humberto Duvauchelle University Micro Theater Festival, a project that they lead for two consecutive years and that this year is entering its eighth edition. In their stage performances they have made an entrance into political theater―No podría vivir en un país socialista (2014) or Que ladren (2018)―, local street theater―Tinto corazón (2017)―, education―Cuentos diarios (2018)―and health―with Teatro Foro, financed by the Caravana Ministry of Health (2018). They have participated in the most important festivals of the country, such as the International Festival of Dance and Theater of Iquique (FINTDAZ), the National Festival of Winter Theater of Calama (FENTIC) and the International Zicosur Theater Festival Antofagasta (FITZA).