U, dos, tres…!!!

Tuesday, August 27
Patio de las Magnolias, 21:00h



Mr. Macnamara, a senior executive at Coca-Cola in West Berlin strives to achieve the highest success within the company. Suddenly, a simple phone call from Atlanta begins to turn his plans upside down and what seemed like a direct path to success becomes a free-fall towards disaster.

Brief history of the group

Teiatròlics began in 2006 with the work U, dos, tres…, by F. Molnar. It is an open group, according to the requirements of each show, in terms of both the number of actors as well as the ages. On the stage, in the same show, it has brought together people from 9 years old to 65 years old and more than fifteen actors on sets such as En safata (by B. Wilder), Flor de cactus (by Barrilet-Gredy), La pista (by A. Shaffer), Bluf (by Mar Vilà-Duch), Cara a cara (adaptation of one of Dario Fo’s works), Desafinats (by Mar Vilà-Duch), Qui l’ha mort? (adaptation of one of Robert Thomas’ works) and U, dos, tres…10 anys.