Yes the dream

Tuesday, August 27
Pati de la Casa de Cultura, 22:00 h



A few years have passed since the group Yes The Music! disbanded and left behind the stages and trips from town to town in their truck. Mireia, Bruna, Marc, Arnau and Pep reunite to clean out the storage space where they still keep everything they accumulated during their concert years. Boxes and more boxes, covered in dust, that hold the history of a past time inside. While opening boxes, they remember the good times they had and some of the ex-members start to miss it, wishing to go back to living those moments that made them so happy. Mireia suggests getting the group back together and making a musical with Disney songs. There is only one problem: they are not enough people and in order to make it work, they would have to hold a casting. They have no idea what awaits them!

Brief history of the group

The music group Yes The Music! was formed in 2012 in Bisbal d’Empordà. They won a Christmas contest, sang live on the program Fricandó matiner on RAC 105, they acted at the Fàbrica Estrella Damm for the award ceremony Premis Llibreter 2014, they organized the presentation of the book Amb veu pròpia, by the singer Nina, they performed at the A Cappella festival, have been on all the local Catalan television channels with their concert Yes The Celebration! for their fifth anniversary and they’ve partnered with singers like Miquel Abras and Joan Rovira. In only three years they had more than 100 concerts throughout Catalonia. With this new project, Yes The Music! takes a step forward and leaves their comfort zone, offering a proposal that is very different from what we have come to expect from them. Now they offer a musical under the direction of Grau Matas and Cristina Matas from the La Palpuda company.