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FITAG 2024 terms and conditions

  1. The XXIV Girona International Amateur Theatre Festival will take place in Girona on August 27 to 31, 2024.
  2. Those groups who are interested in participating must fill in the registration form available on the website If you have any doubts or problems you can contact
  3. The submitted works must be of reasonable length and make sure that all the links written on the form are accessible by the Festival jury.
  4. The deadline for submitting proposals ends on May 15, 2024 and it won’t be extended.
  5. From May 19, 2022, the festival’s organizing committee will announce the selected groups through the festival’s website.
  6. As it is an international festival, please, notice that the audience may belong to different cultures and speak different languages. For this reason, those works that, due to their dramaturgical characteristics, can be understood by the public apart from the language of interpretation will be valued. Proposals can be from any discipline linked to theatre as well as theatre-dance or gestural theatre.
  7. The artistic commission of the Festival will carry out the selection of the proposals, with the aim of reaching the best possible level in the field of non-professional theatre. A maximum of 20 groups will be selected from all applications received.
  8. The selected companies may receive a visit from one or more members of the Festival’s artistic commission to check the quality of the work presented.
  9. The costs of maintenance and accommodation of the members of the group will be carried out by the organization up to a maximum of 9 people. The organization will offer accommodation to those companies which are registered more than 60 kilometers from Girona city. The Festival reserves the right to increase the number of granted group members according to the nature of the performance. Any change must be agreed in advance.
  10. Each group will receive a total of €350 (VAT not included) per function in the official program as a deposit. This amount will be effective once your representation has ended. If your representation has been selected in the FITAG MUNICIPIS project, the group will receive a fee of €350 (VAT not included) for each representation outside Girona city during the days of the festival.
  11. The groups in the regions of Girona that have been selected for the official FITAG 24 programming and that have functions granted by Diputació de Girona by the Amateur Theater Campaign, can decide if they want the function of FITAG24 to be paid through the Campaign or decide to accept the grant of €350 from the festival. It must be one of those choices.
  12. Travel expenses and scenography transfers to Girona airport or train station will be carried out by the company.
  13. The registration form must include the script of the work presented to adapt it to surtitling systems and/or inclusive media accessible to people with blindness or deafness that will be used during the festival.
  14. The companies undertake to represent the same show that they have presented, both in terms of the number of actors and the scenography.
  15. The companies must be willing to participate in all those dissemination activities that the organization considers necessary.
  16. The Girona International Amateur Theater Festival is a meeting point for exchange of ideas and reflections, for knowledge of other theatrical realities. Therefore, the groups are asked to participate in the life of the city and in the parallel activities that are carried out outside the scenes. FITAG is not a competitive festival, but one of coexistence.
  17. Any circumstance that may arise and that is not provided for in these rules, will be resolved by the organizing committee.
  18. Participation in the Girona International Amateur Theater Festival implies acceptance of these rules.
  19. The Casa de Cultura Service is empowered as responsible for the contract to resolve incidents.
  20. Special, non-conventional, “site specific” format shows will also be selected, with particular interest in this edition, to be programmed in different spaces in the city of Girona.



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