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16, calle Sant Climent

Sin Mente Teatro

Tuesday 24 August
La Mercè Cultural Centre, 7.30 p.m.
Friday 25 August
Parc del Migdia (Barri Pla de Palau), 7 p.m. Free acces
Place of origin: Bogotá (Colombia)
Language: Spanish
Duration: 56 minutes
Genre: tragicomedy
Price: free of charge
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A plague impossible to exterminate in a city where people don’t live, but survive, and where everyone brings out their best monster to save themselves from misery. This play stars four life stories that are destined to intersect and that show the victims of greed, need and loneliness.

16, calle Sant Climent (16, Sant Climent Street) plays with the real and dreamlike space of its characters. Through its dialogues, it shows deep thoughts about loneliness, need and misery, along with dark humour to lighten the harsh reality. The visual staging, the colours, the costumes, the sound environment, the play of masks, and the textures immerse the audience in a unique time-space that reveals little by little the story and misery of each character and allows them to identify with certain situations. Three stories intertwine and converge to unleash a finale full of metaphors and images that invite spectators to reflect on human misery.

Sin Mente Teatro

Sin Mente Teatro, “Colectivo Artístico”, is a Colombian company with a career of seven years and nine months. It is currently based in Bogotá (Colombia) but intends to set up a branch in Spain. It has seven plays and a current repertoire of four. Throughout its artistic career, the company has participated in stages and festivals in Colombia, Spain, Mexico and Cuba, and has received awards and recognition at the local, national and international levels. The group is committed to theatrical plays with its own dramaturgy and social content, to give voice to particular stories through scenic languages that make the audience reflect and enjoy to the fullest.

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