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De Ovidio y las Heroidas


Tuesday 24 August
Courtyard of the Casa de Cultura de Girona, 10.30 p. m.
Place of origin: Murcia (Murcia)
Language: Spanish
Duration: 70 minutes
Genre: drama
Price: free of charge
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A teacher who takes part in a competitive examination surprises the examining board with his staging. The subject he defends is “Ovid and the Heroides”. The teacher goes through the life and work of the famous author of The Metamorphoses to try to find out why the poet was banished, and takes advantage of the mystery to amaze the students who are in his head — or maybe not — and to get them interested in the Heroides and in poetry through theatrical play. He also passionately argues that theatre is a marvellous tool for education, although the examining board does not always take kindly to his speech.


UGTeatro was born in 2007 from the initiative of a group of workers and friends of the UGT in the Region of Murcia, encouraged by the illusion of sharing experiences, living other lives, promoting friendship and camaraderie and enjoying a cultural activity that, little by little, has become a great hobby. They choose their plays with the aim of entertaining and at the same time dealing with social issues, as they believe that theatre has to be a reflection of society.

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