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Dart Dance Company

Tuesday 22 August 2023
courtyard of the Casa de Cultura de Girona, 10.30 p.m.

Place of origin: Moscow (Russia)
Language: body language
Duration: 45 minutes
Genre: contemporary dance
Price: free of charge

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The play Echo is dedicated to women in all their manifestations. Through dance, several stories are told and parallels are drawn between the nymphs of Ancient Greece and today’s representatives of women. The main idea of this story is showing that women face different problems every day and throughout their lives. Some women find the strength to overcome them, but others are not always able to do so.

The play takes the myths about the nymph Echo as the basis of the script, to show that not everyone can withstand the trials of life, the strength of the gods and love. The main character is deprived of a voice, of the opportunity to explain herself to her beloved, and in the end, dies of longing. Her nymph friends, on the other hand, although they also face difficult trials, manage to overcome them and continue to live. This is the main conflict of the play: a woman’s fight for her own happiness, for her life.

Dart Dance Company

Dart Dance Company is an association of contemporary dance artists. They are a very young company, whose dancers have specialized choreographic training and also extensive experience in directing both classical and street dance, as well as experience on stage. They have come together to create a new concept, unique and at the same time easy to understand and visualise, not only for professionals but also for theatre lovers. Their task is to show that modern dance is a complete artistic genre that can also challenge the audience on issues that affect them. Modern dance fascinates and enchants. It is certainly capable of telling a dramatic story.

The team is made up of only women, a fact that sets it apart from other groups. They want to show and tell their story to the spectators above all else. A story about women and how each one of them faces great difficulties that only make them stronger.

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