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FITAG als municipis

What is FITAG als Municipis?

With FITAG als Municipis (FITAG’s Towns), the festival reaches different towns in the Gironès region and brings a touch of excitement to their stages. The aim is to bring amateur performing arts to towns all over the region and to offer opportunities for exchange between local and foreign companies.

The performances in these municipalities by international and national amateur theatre companies complete the theatrical and artistic offer already existing in the Gironès region and offer the public the opportunity to come into contact with different styles and cultures and to broaden their vision of grassroots theatre. The companies bring their cultural richness, their particular artistic vision and innovative disciplines, and create unique experiences for local audiences.

What impact does it have?

The extensive collaboration between FITAG and the towns of Gironès has a positive impact on the cultural fabric of the region. It allows a wider audience to access art and culture while boosting cultural tourism and encouraging citizen participation. It is therefore close to a polycentric cultural model, in which municipalities become spaces of encounter and interaction for artists and local inhabitants.

FITAG promotes dialogue and cultural exchange between different countries and artistic traditions, giving audiences the opportunity to discover new ways of telling stories, new aesthetics and new ways of creating and expressing themselves. This generates mutual enrichment, as theatre companies can also learn from the local environment and culture. There is thus a creative exchange and an inspiring artistic dialogue for all parties involved.

Which towns host it?

Sant Gregori

Sant Gregori


Caldes de Malavella

Maçanet de la Selva



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