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Tràfec Teatre

Wednesday 23 august
Pati de les Magnòlies (Generalitat de Catalunya building in Girona), 9 p. m.
Place of origin: Maçanet de la Selva (Catalunya)
Language: Catalan
Duration: 73 minutes
Genre: comedy
Price: free of charge
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Three women meet in a magnificent country house because one of them has just suffered a heartbreak that is causing her stress and the others want to comfort her. The three protagonists are the victim of heartbreak and the driving force behind the situation, the sister and the sensible soulmate, who have very different and defined personalities but who, at the same time, complement each other.

What would you be willing to do for a good friend? Have you ever been carried away by an impulse? What are the boundaries of right and wrong? Can decisions be made in time of stress? These are questions that the three friends will ask themselves and that, like a snowball effect, will lead them into an increasingly complicated and implausible situation.

Spectators might see themselves reflected in this intense and human comedy, which contains, from beginning to end, constant touches of humour.

Tràfec Teatre

Tràfec Teatre was born in 1989 but was not established until 1992. Since then, it has experimented and taken risks in the art of theatre, starting from the idea that any space and any excuse are good to perform happenings or theatrical actions, always seeking a new body language. This premise means that the group strives for more continuous work and is increasingly self-demanding in terms of working with techniques such as Decroux or biomechanics (Meyerhold), as well as classical pantomime and other theatre theorists, such as Grotowsky, Kantor, Brook and Craig. The shows ASSAIG T4, about concentration camps; RES (1st part), dedicated to women; ZEL; SETS, a journey through the capital vices; VIATGE, based on a text by Ramon Vinyes; MOTS MORTS; FEDERIC…a, a creation based on the poetic-dramatic and feminine world of Federico García Lorca; OSTIA, based on the voice of the poet Pier Paolo Pasolini, and FeRIDA, dedicated to the painter Frida Kahlo.

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