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Transtopia Group

Friday 25 August
Pati de les Magnòlies (Generalitat de Catalunya building in Girona), 9 and 10.30 p. m.

Place of origin: Lesser Poland (Poland)
Language: Polish
Duration: 30 minutes
Genre: visual theatre
Price: free of charge

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Book a ticket (10.30p.m.)


Katabaza focuses on the narrative of the search for rhizomes, connecting the author’s subjectivity and consciousness with the threads of ancestors. Family and relationships become a pretext to initiate a mythologised formula of the parable that morphs through intimate stories and the social perspective of the workings of the city and social consciousness.

The performance is a project in the field of transmedia, theatre and performance art; i.e., a multimedia story with many means of expression, starting from the most primitive shadow theatre, passing through original intimate ritual texts, object art, contemporary dance, three-dimensional reactive video and interactive digital activities based on KINECT movement sensors.

This performance has been presented at numerous competitions and festivals including the international Open Eyes Art Festival 2021, Kraków Krakers Art Week 2022 and Kantoralia 2022 — national festival Tadeusz Kantor (where it received the first prize).

Transtopia Group

Transtopia Group considers that it produces an organic phenomenon that it does not want to classify in any particular field. The language of its activity is experimentation and transmedia work. The group focuses on visuality as a new form of communication. It has participated in numerous artistic events and festivals, including: Kingdom of Art (Teatr Kana Szczecin, 2019); Kraków Krakers Art Week; international festival Open Eyes Art Festival (2021); Kantoralia — national festival Tadeusz Kantor (2022); Theater Anthologies of New Utopias (2020), organised by Zaglebie Theatre; Krykowisko Theatre Festival, organised by Krzyk Theatre (Maszewo 2017); Biesiada Teatralna, in Katowice (2018 and 2020); Kontestacie Theatre Students Festival — Lublin (2019); Fesitval of Stpenica (2019), and National Theatre Festival Karbidka, in Siemianowice Slaskie (2019).

Since 2017, the group has been organising the National Festival of Independent Theatre OFMAT.

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