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Made in Clarió

Les Fepipes

Friday 25 August
La Mercè Cultural Centre, 7.30 p. m.

Place of origin: Girona (Catalunya)
Language: Catalan and Spanish
Duration: 80 minutes
Genre: documentary and post-dramatic theatre
Price: free of charge

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How do we react when our expectations are not met? How can the advertising industry shape our lifestyle? Why is capitalism not so different from a religious cult?

A journalist working thirteen hours a day in a call centre and a prophet who has been jilted by Jesus Christ. Both are troubled by the mismatch between expectation and reality.

Made in Clarió is partily inspired by the book When Prophecy Fails, by Leon Festinger, the ideologue of the theory of cognitive dissonance, a social phenomenon that many of us need to resolve — by deluding ourselves, if necessary — in order to avoid chronic frustration.

A personal dissection of the myths that live within us, in which precariousness, false meritocracy, aesthetic violence, toxic positivity and permanent self-exploitation resonate as universal themes of late-capitalist society.

Les Fepipes

Les Fepipes is an amateur theatre collective in constant evolution. They love performing arts that focus on social criticism, always from a comic and satirical point of view. “Les Fepipes is a collective where everyone participates in all the stages of creation and, therefore, we talk about ourselves”. To understand Made in Clarió, one must understand that the group represents a generation that has practically never known stability and that lives in a perpetual state of change and adaptation. “This instability is perceived in many ways in our lives, and we have gotten used to embracing it”. This is why, although they were born in 2015 in Barcelona as Les Philippes, in 2023, they can no longer say they are the same: not only because there are other members in the group, but because their artistic, personal and political interests have also evolved. Les Fepipes is, therefore, a variation on their first name that aims to represent this continuous transformation.

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