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Moving poetry


Saturday 26 August
Pati de les Magnòlies (Generalitat de Catalunya building in Girona), 9 p.m.
Place of origin: Iasi (Romania)
Language: Romanian and English
Duration: 50 minutes
Genre: dance theatre
Price: free of charge
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The show is based on poems by Magda Isanos and is a reminder of the importance of the body as a messenger. The lyrics are translated into body language and musical sequences: they are the pretext for a personal journey to find the poetry within, a poetry of life and death written with dance steps and a thousand emotions.

This Romanian poet speaks often about birth and death, but also about love, which makes everything possible. Poetry is a very intimate experience. Putting it on stage is a complex task. During the creation process, the group studied the poems and tried to find their physical form. They have brought to life the poet’s sensibility and her vision of life. The show is very visual. It has music, dance, a simple and beautiful scenography, and a special emotion that connects the actors and the audience. Some of the poems have been translated into English to reach an international audience.


Teatrul 21 is a young group of people in love with theatre. During their university studies, they were part of the Ludic Student Theatre and participated in numerous international festivals around the world. They are now an independent theatre group and are determined to keep alive the passion that brought them together.

The group started performing in 2021 and has produced nine shows, two of which were selected for international festivals in Alba Iulia (Romania), Pécs (Hungary), Vratsa (Bulgaria) and Kutaisi (Georgia). Teatrul 21 is always looking for innovative theatrical techniques, interesting texts and high-quality artistic experiences.

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