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Thursday 24 August
Friday 25 August
Carbonera, 5 p. m.
Place of origin: Vigo (Galicia)
Language: Galician
Duration: 70 minutes
Genre: drama
Price: free of charge
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Book a ticket (25 August)


The dictionary of the Galician Royal Academy defines the feminine noun noitebra as “any nocturnal bird, such as owls, barn owls, etc.” (second meaning) or as “the darkness of the night” (third meaning).

A man has a woman locked up, but we don’t clearly know why. Both of them have things to hide, but they will come to light sooner or later. Although the woman is the prisoner, she soon realises she has more power over her abductor than she first thought, and decides to use it to try to manage the strange situation she finds herself in. The identity of these individuals and the relationship between them are unclear to spectators, who witness a duel between the two characters to take control of the situation.


The performers, who are also authors and directors of Noitebras, began and continued their theatrical careers in drama training schools in the city of Vigo and neighbouring areas, with which they have performed several plays separately. They have complemented this stage experience with the authorship of their own plays. After four years as students of the Municipal Theatre School of Vigo, in 2022, they decided to set up their own group, Noitebras Teatro, which takes its name from the first play they wrote together.



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