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Grup de Teatre Sant Vicenç

Tuesday 22 August 2023
Pati de les Magnòlies (Generalitat de Catalunya building in Girona), 9 p.m.

Place of origin: Sabadell (Catalunya)
Language: Catalan
Duration: 80 minutes
Genre: text theatre / political theatre / dystopian drama
Price: free of charge
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A group of characters cloistered in a mysterious facility live obsessively and devotedly waiting for letters that never say anything and that appear in a wastepaper basket, deposited by strange jailers. This play, written in 1958, in the midst of Franco’s dictatorship, speaks of revolution and asks us whether one day the longed-for freedom will be achieved or whether society will always be subjected to repressive and cruel forces that change their faces but always wear the same clothes.

A choral play with a strong vindictive and political tone. Manuel de Pedrolo explains that, in order to overcome oppression, it is not necessary to change the representatives or the interlocutors, but rather to change the structures, the entire system. Are all political regimes, projects and models basically different ways of keeping us under control, obedient and silent? Is a constant revolution necessary to avoid becoming victims of the current dominators?

Grup de Teatre Sant Vicenç

The Sant Vicenç Theatre Group (Sant Vicenç Centre) is one of the most important non-profit theatre organisations in Sabadell, based in the Creu Alta neighbourhood. This group is a socially dynamic space in the area and contributes a great deal to the cultural life of the city as a whole. With a season consisting of six large-format shows, Josep Maria Folch i Torres’ Pastorets for Christmas and a programme of alternative, small-format text theatre in the theatre foyer, the Sant Vicenç Theatre Group tries to involve as many members as possible in its productions and to be the seedbed for new generations of lovers and enthusiasts of stage activity with its Theatre Workshop for children and youth (with more than two hundred students). In addition to its commitment to commercial children’s and family musicals, the group has recently seen the need to promote a series of auteur theatre cycles.

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