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FITAG 2023 terms and conditions

  1. The XXIII Girona International Amateur Theatre Festival will be held in Girona between the 22nd and 26th of August 2023.
  2. All theatre groups interested in participating must fill in the registration form available on this website and send the dossier of the performance and the recording of the play to the following address:
  3. The deadline for submission of proposals is 5 May 2023 and cannot be extended.
  4. From 12 May 2023, the festival’s organising committee will announce the groups that have been selected.
  5. As it is an international festival, it must be taken into account that the audiences may belong to different cultures and speak different languages. Therefore, plays that, due to their dramaturgical characteristics, can be understood by the audience regardless of the performing language, shall be given preference. Dance theatre and gestural theatre productions may also take part in the festival.
  6. The festival’s artistic committee will select the proposals to be performed with the aim of reaching the best possible level in non-professional theatre. It is very important that the plays do not exceed 75 minutes. Any other duration shall be negotiated with the festival directors.
  7. The artistic committee shall select a maximum of 20 groups from all the applications received.
  8. The selected theatre companies may be visited by one or more members of the festival’s artistic committee to check the quality of the play submitted.
  9. The cost of board and lodging for the members of each group will be covered by the organisation, up to a maximum of 9 people. The festival reserves the right to increase the number of members of the group with a subsidised stay according to the nature of the play to be performed. Any changes must be negotiated beforehand.
  10. Each group will receive a total of €350 per performance within the official programme as a per diem allowance. This amount will be paid upon completion of the performance. If a performance is selected to participate in the FITAG als Municipis project, the theatre company will receive an extra €250 for each performance outside the municipality of Girona on the same days as the festival.
  11. Groups from the counties of Girona that have been selected for the official FITAG 2023 programme and whose performances are subsidised by the Diputació’s Amateur Theatre Campaign can decide whether they want the FITAG 2023 performance to be paid for through the campaign or to accept the €350 subsidy from the festival. Therefore, they will not be able to benefit from both subsidies at the same time.
  12. Travel expenses and transport of stage sets to and from the city of Girona will be paid for by theatre companies.
  13. The companies undertake to perform at the festival the same play that they submitted in the registration form, both in terms of the number of actors and the stage design.
  14. In order to contribute to a good and careful promotion of the festival, theatre companies must be willing to participate in all the promotional activities that the organisation may consider necessary.
  15. The International Amateur Theatre Festival of Girona is an opportunity to exchange ideas and reflections and to get to know other theatrical realities. Therefore, theatre groups are also asked to participate in the city’s life and in the parallel activities that will take place off the stage. FITAG is not a competitive festival, but a festival of coexistence.
  16. Any circumstance that may arise that is not provided for in these terms and conditions shall be resolved by the organising committee.
  17. Participation in the Girona International Amateur Theatre Festival implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  18. The Casa de Cultura of the Diputació de Girona is responsible for resolving any incidents that may arise.



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