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Girona International Amateur Theatre Festival

FITAG is an annual event that has been held in the city of Girona since 1992. The festival is organised by the Diputació de Girona and is dedicated to amateur theatre, hosting theatre troupes from all over the world who perform their plays in front of an audience and theatre professionals.

After years of FITAG’s history as we know it, now comes a time of change. For the first time ever, the festival goes outdoors. And it does so with the intention of extending its reach even further and bringing grassroots theatre closer not only to people who are already engaged with it but also to passers-by and curious people who a priori are not familiar with it. With a varied programme and special care in terms of content, the festival will strive to reflect the cultural diversity suggested by the word international in the festival’s name. It will also ensure that the meaning of the word amateur is an inherent quality of FITAG. Since amateur means ‘one who loves‘, we must love not only the art of theatre but also life, people and the world.


Organisation team
Laia Claver
Rocío Fernández
Josep Hernández
David Masgrau
Xavier Valentí

Program and artistic direction
Josep Hernández
Xavier Valentí

Production (
Laia Claver

Communication & press (
Rocío Fernández

Administration department (
David Masgrau

Technical office (
Aram Estiu
Jaume Parera

Join in & general informations (

FITAG als Municipis (
Jordi Murillo

Volunteer coordinators (

Stage technicians
Pere Coma
Carles Crosa
Aram Estiu
Miquel Feliu
Francesc Gago
Jaume Parera

Stage manager
Anna Juncà

Graphic design
Xavier Roqueta (Diputació de Girona)

Web design and programming
Oficina de Difusió de la Diputació de Girona

Oficina de Protocol, Premsa i Comunicació de la Diputació de Girona

Linguistic advice
Language Services of Diputació de Girona

Staff of Casa de Cultura
Acting Director: Albert Johé Martí
Programme: Anna Presas Quintana and Gemma Ollé Rubio
Administration: Carles Tulsà i Vert and Maria Rosa Vallmajor i Terradellas
Assistance and maintenance: Josep Carles Cardona i Camara and Miquel Ribot Puigdemont



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