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Open stage

Open stage is a nocturnal theatrical experience that combines the magic of the night with the fascinating art of theatre: a nocturnal cabaret in which variety theatre captivates spectators with its lively atmosphere and varied performances.

This night-time attraction, which has a long history at the festival, is a must for those who experience the festival first-hand. Surrounded by darkness, the spectators experience moments of emotion, laughter, surprise and reflection. The cabaret transforms summer nights into moments of artistic expression and meeting points for theatre and street art lovers looking for a unique and unparalleled experience; a space where audience and artists come together in a festive atmosphere.

Open stage is also a space for artistic companies to get to know and interact with each other, in a creative, fun and relaxed atmosphere where artists have the opportunity to see each other’s work, generate synergies and inspire each other. A place where new collaborations, exchanges and artistic dialogues that strengthen the theatrical community and the performing arts in general are forged.

Where does it take place?

This year, FITAG de Nits will take place in l’Envelat, the festival’s new stage space, located in front of the Casa de Cultura de Girona. This enchanting space, especially decorated to create an intimate and exciting atmosphere, will offer a wide variety of shows from different artistic disciplines. Theatre, dance, music and other artistic expressions will come together to create an unforgettable experience for all lovers of the performing arts.



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