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Cric and Crac

Teatre de contacte

Saturday, August 26
Parque de Vista Alegre (Barri de Vista Alegre), 11 a.m.
Place of origin: Girona (Catalonia)
Language: Catalan
Duration: 40 minutes
Genre: comedy
Price: free of charge
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The snub-nosed troll doesn’t like parties at all and is plotting an evil plan to make them a bore for all the boys and girls in the world. Luckily the witches Cric and Crac, guardians of the fantasy world and look after that everything works in the human world, have found out about his plan. But… do you think they will be able to bring back the spirit of the holidays? Maybe if they have some help…

Teatre de Contacte

Teatre de Contacte is a company that was born in 2007 as a result of a project initiated by a group of students from the theater training school El Galliner (Girona). Since then, the company has been creating different shows, all of them of their own creation and from different theatrical disciplines. From street theater with long experience in theatrical visits to children’s/family shows such as “La cric, la crac and the return of the autumn spirit”.

Some of the productions have not only been represented in different towns and cities in Catalonia but also in the Balearic Islands, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, Israel or Tunisia.

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